05 Nov

So we are playing this red team (at the time) and the guys were talking trash. We got in to the game and about half way through, 75% of the red team quit on this guy. I felt bad for him because it is a terrible feeling when you are in the midst of the game fighting the fight and your teammates (which ever one they assigned you) leaves you. Why would you quit anyway? I believe you lose experience points when you do that. My account has a -1 simply because I believe I gain experience when I’m getting pummeled by another team. Bungie may not add a plus one but “you” learn from the battle. So now the game became 4 on 1. So we took some shots. Don’t quit on your teammates!!!


 From left to right: Havenshalo, xxUriahxx, xxwisd0mxx and Devilish06

Here’s another one:


From top to bottom we have: xxwisd0mxx, Havenshalo, Devilish06 and xxUriahxx (me).

Alright Last one:


 I was trying to figure out how I can tell the dudes apart. I know what I look like and wisd0m rocks the EVA helmet (if I’m not mistaken). Haven likes to sniper and has the Hayabusa shoulder blades and Devilish has the star wars like helmet. I may be confused by I think I’m pretty close.

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