Halo 3 Skull Locations

05 Nov

You must start from the very beginning of the level. The skull will not spawn if you start from a rally point.
The difficulty must be on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
When the skull is picked up, don’t worry if nothing happens. After you finish the level or just save and quit. Go to the campaign lobby and hit “X” to go to campaign options. You have the choice to toggle it on or off from there.

HUD and first person arms and weapon are hidden.
Just like Halo2, no HUD at all.
Level:Sierra 117
Location:After fighting the first set of enemies, walk downstream while hugging the right wall and eventually you will come to the edge of the cliff. There will be a bit of land jutting out below you with the skull on it.
Co-op reverts to previous checkpoint on player death. Solo restarts mission.
Self-explanitory.You also lose 75 points when you die instead of 25.
Level:Sierra 117
Location:After Freeing Johnson and killing all the covenent that come in the phantoms, walk to the Pelican that comes to pick you up. Face the cargo bay but instead of hoping in, turn left and follow the path. Once you hit the wall jump up to your right, eventually reaching a walkway. Walk all the way to the end, take a left, then a right, then at the end of this little bit to the right is a dark corner. Turn your light on and you should see the skull. If you cant see it you’re probably standing on it.
Black Eye
Bash your way to better health.
Every melee hit to anyone increases your health.
Level:Crow’s Nest
Location:From the start without moving anything you can see a massive pipe above you. Walk up the stairs then up the next set, turn to your left and jump up on the shelf unit. From there jump to the red cross beam then up onto the pipe, from there just walk to the end and walk over the Black Eye skull to claim it. You dont have to pick this one up it does it automaticly.
Grunt Birthday Party
Grunts explode like pinatas if they are killed with a headshot.
When you headshot a grunt, they explode like a pinata with confetti.
Level:Crow’s Nest
Location:Play through the level normally, The second time cortana interupts you saying *You Have been called upon to serve* you are in the right place, So walk to the end of this path but dont jump off the end, Instead look down and you can see a green arrow, try land on that ledge then turn around to see the skull.
Tough Luck
Enemies always make every saving throw, always beserk, always dive, never flee…
Enemies never go out easy to the looks of it…
Level:Tsavo Highway
Location:After you have to deactivate a shield that’s blocking the road, you will exit onto a bridge and a giant covenant ship flies overhead. You need to get out of your jeep if you are in one and go to the right side of the bridge, then go underneath and you will see bridge supports jutting out into the canyon. Jump onto the one farthest to the left and go to the edge and turn left and you’ll see a small jut out of the cliff with the skull on it.
Enemies are grenade happy.
All enemies will have 2 grenades
Level:The Storm
Location:Near the beginning of The Storm you will get a message that says Destroy the Anti-Air Wraiths or something like that. There is an open area with a wraith in the middle and a wraith near the exit of this area. You can destroy the wraith in the middle if you want to…RIGHT next to him is a like a structure that looks like a big water tank. Park a warthog next to it so you can get on top of it…And it’s right there.
You do not have a motion sensor.
As it says, you will no longer have a radar through campaign if you pick this up.
Location:It’s in the first area before you drop down and get a message from Cortana. There is a flood that jumps over your head, shoot it when its on the building and when it dies it should appear right next to you.
Weapons drop 50% less ammo.
Like it says, every weapon dropped will have half the ammo.
Level:The Ark
Location:Play through the level as normal and once you pass the exploded phantom hang a right after the drop, drive over to the rocky wall in front of the third pillar, Jump up the rock face and jump onto the structure using the right side, Walk to last pillar (closest to where you entered the area, and look at it you should see the skull, To get it you might need help from another player, stand on there head chuck a normal grenade right down and then jump towards the skull, You will probably miss this jump about 5 times but you will eventually get it.
Acceleration scale from explosions is increased.
Same effect as Sputnick in Halo2. Explosions will have A LOT more power.
Level:The Ark
Location:After fighting the scarab and getting a grav-lift item, proceed up the ramp. Meet with the arbiter and keep going inside. After a couple rooms you will come to a long hallway with a steep sloping floor downward, go past this and past the next group of enemies. In the next sloping hallway you will see some platforms about halfway down (four levels). From the door into this area, drop the grav-lift on the fourth dot from the door(right side). Then run, jump about five feet early and use the grav-lift to propel you up and forward towards the top level.
Major upgrade to all enemies.
All Enemies are at their highest rank.
Level:The Covenant
Location:After you shut down tower 1 and get access to the hornet, fly to tower 2 (the one the arbiter shut down). While walking up the stairs, go to the middle part that connects both and there should be a stair leading up to a platform where the skull is.
I Would Have Been Your Daddy.
You’ll hear things you never knew existed.
Just like in Halo2, this skull unlocks new dialogue throughout the entire game.
Level:The Covenant
Location:The Skull is located in the level, “The Covenant”. After defeating the Scarabs, and going inside, get to the location with all 7 Ring Holograms. Kill Truth first, then jump through the rings. You must jump through the rings in a specific order. That order is as follows with 1 being at the entrance and 7 being closest to Truth:
1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4. Once you do this the rings will light up in sequence and the skull will spawn next to the light bridge.
Damage is modified.
Not quite sure, maybe damage is tilted more to the enemy side?
Location:In the middle of the level you will come to a structure with many of the BIG flood guys. If you look above you, you will see ledges leading up the top of it. Might take you a little bit to get the jumping right but when you make it to the top, walk across the flood goo bridge thing and it will be up there with a few other bones.
Double enemy health.
In Halo2, people thought it was a difficulty higher than Legendary when picked up. So now every enemy you face will have 2x health than before.
Location:Follow the normal path till you reach a cave, then hug the right wall until it branches off into a small path, at the end of this path is some rubble and in front is the skull.


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6 responses to “Halo 3 Skull Locations

  1. paulo

    November 12, 2007 at 11:49 PM

    on the covenent mission on halo 3 i got the i would have been your daddy skull and nothing happened i checked my achievments and it was not achieved please help me and tell me how to unlock it.

  2. Andrew Alliance

    November 13, 2007 at 12:28 PM

    This skull took me the longest from what I recall. I took the time to do the whole sequence and not just part of it. if the skull didnt appear when you did it, do the sequence over and if that didn’t work then restart the mission from the beggining on normal or higher. it takes a while but just know that its all worthy when you are wearing the armor most folks won’t attempt to get.

    Check here:

    and if u decide to google this – look for a “long” sequence (when u see if you’ll know what im talking about) and do that one and take your time. Hope that helps. Take your time. You only need to get it once.

  3. XP Sidewinder

    December 25, 2007 at 11:20 PM

    IWHBYD Skull – I’ve seen lots of posts elsewhere that the short sequence works. I tried the short sequence repeatedly, solo and with friends, and it never worked. Yes, we did all the required things (start of the level, killed the Prophet, killed ALL the flood …

    But the first time I did the long sequence, I got the skull. 1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

    And another thing, contrary to other posts elsewhere, the rings don’t make a tone when you jump through them. They are constantly emitting a tone that you can hear whenever you’re near them. So don’t expect some magical tone when you jump through each one.

  4. needanswers

    January 10, 2008 at 12:08 AM

    is the begining were u jump thru ring number 1 to get the iwhbyd skull by the bridge?

  5. Andrew Alliance

    January 10, 2008 at 1:31 PM

    number 1 is by the exit and the last ring is by the bridge.

  6. Jirby

    January 21, 2008 at 3:40 AM

    We (me and my brother) had the same poblem with the IWHBYD Skull – it was not spawning with the short sequence.

    Why are there two anyway? Maybe it’s different depending if you have the Limited Edition?


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