Live Update and WRT54G Router

05 Dec

I downloaded the update when I got home last night and its fantastic. I called Cablevision they have to come out and fix my phone jack on 11.7.07.

Now for the router, here is what I did. I truly believe that my low ping issue was the IP class that I was using. I switch back to the 192.168.x.x setup. I was using the 126.168.x.x

So I played online with my new setup yesterday 192.168.x.x with the official WRT54G V3 firmware from linksys and played some great games on 11.4.07. My ping stayed high and when it dropped, it went from 5 green bars to 4 (you get the idea).

I’m gonna go back to the HyperWRT + Tofu firmware  or even the tomato firmware and test it out with Rocket Race. I got rocket race from Bungie Favorites on 11.4.07. I thought it was on bungie’s server alone but now I can rocket race in my “custom games”. If you upgrade from the HyperWRT+ Tofu firmware back to the linksys official firmware (WRT54g V3), its really a downgrade and it messes up the web interface rendering it unusable (bricked) then you have to unbrick it by half duplexing and 10 MBPS and tftp.

Check this out:

I threw the 360 on automatic for settings and it gave me my lan IP as my DNS. So I switch it back to static like so:

IP 192.168.x.x

I didn’t use the DNS from Cablevision ( – why should I use their DNS if the router is distributing the signal to my hardware (thinking out loud)? I just copied what the 360 did while it was on automatic and made it static.

What are your thoughts on this?

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One response to “Live Update and WRT54G Router

  1. xwabombwx

    October 4, 2008 at 7:06 AM

    also fyi ping stands for packet internet groper….you use it to send packets to random websites and see how many they recieve…based on their firewall…


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