30 Apr

Alright, so how’s not writing about this game? Surely I must post something? Smith haven Mall, Suffolk county, Long Island is where I found my self and my neighbor (the BS3 owner) heading to the mall for the midnight run. I went there to chill and keep him company (that’s what friends are for) with no real strong interest in GTA IV. Well, Let me explain, I did plan on getting the game at some point and I was really excited for him getting it for his BS3. As the night got closer to 12.00a something happened. While we were hanging out he made me an offer i just could not refuse. Yup, you guessed it – I went home that night with a copy of GTA for 360.

So for someone who had no intentions of even having the game so soon nor getting caught up with all the hype and billboards at the LIRR (Lollipop girl etc.), I must say and admit “the game is freakin awesome and I’m hooked. I wasn’t trying to be hooked but it just happened. See, I’m not the “buy every game on the market” gamer, I usually wait and when I’m ready, ill make the move. As I think about it now with about 10% into missions and about 1000 G, I would of been really stupid for passing up the opportunity to own this game. So my neighbor autographed it and it was well appreciated.

Unless you’ve been hibernating for the last 3 months, there should be no reason for you not to have GTA in your library. As far as the game goes, it deserves a 10 for all that you can do in it and I didn’t even play the multiplayer yet. I did get laid though by my girl friend (she’s expensive), I beat my cousin roman in pool and I plan to beat him in darts too. I took Michelle to the clucking bell (that may have done me good) because after that she was all over me. Got some new Jeans and sneakers. I even ran the toll a few times without paying the five bucks (cop magnet). Time flies because you feel like you’re in a big movie doing all these missions and the only reason I may not be playing right now is because of necessary hindrances (work, sleep, wife wants HD screen, etc.).

GTA IV? Yes please, thank you.

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Posted by on April 30, 2008 in XBOX 360


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