Tversity: My Friend

30 Apr

For a while now, I was streaming my content via my xbox since it has XBMC on it. I saw this Tversity software that allowed me to do the same thing on my xbox 360. I saw this thing a while ago and I never really bothered with it. In December 2007 (I believe), an update was released by M$ that allows you to stream XVID and DIVX content. It was an exciting month for all of those individuals with gigs of vids. I believe the reason that I held off setting up Tversity for so long is because it gave my original box something to do over my network.

Yesterday due to some intermitent chocking issues with my old box i decided to embark on this new ground and adventure. after reading the tutorial and settiing up Tversity, I am very please with the results. Now that Tversity is set up, I doubt that we will be streaming on the first box. For those who may not know what I’m refering to (which is very possible) the tutorial can be found here. I actually jumped right to page three and did the set up. This thing is fantastic. Just follow all the instructions you need to follow and don’t try to reinvent the wheel and you’ll be fine.

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Posted by on April 30, 2008 in Microsoft, XBOX 360


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