10 Sep

In a nutshell, although this program is great for setting up programs and get quite a bit going quickly for new users in the beginning, I would be in the new users best interest to take some time and read some help documents from the ubuntu community. Now, personally I don’t have it installed on any of my laptops or PCs running Ubuntu. Why? Well from the word that left OSCON, it destroys systems and leaves them in a state that cant be updated properly. A select few of the programs in this ultamatix aren’t even in repositories. If you are truly a newb you may not even know what a repository is let alone synaptic package manager. In short, don’t shortcut the shortcut. The learning curve is quick if you spend some time in the community.

Jeremy Lacroix (looks like a french name) wrote an article on and here was his conclusion:

The real value of Ultamatix is in making the Linux experience easier for new users, and any steps taken to ease the transition into the Linux world is definitely welcome. Time will tell, however, if Ultamatix will also inherit the controversy that surrounded Automatix or even if it will be as popular. Still, all in all, this is a great application — and an easy way to install some of the most popular programs that Linux has to offer. And, best of all, in my tests, Ultimatix did everything it was supposed to do without a single hiccup.

Bear in mind that Jeremy here is an IT technician. Be careful with this program and use at your own risk.

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