Who is this guy?

10 Sep

Who is this guy? Robbie Ferguson is a tech from canada that’s helps anyone that either calls in or ask questions about tech stuff. The show streams live and the chat room is listed on the page  when the show is about the go live. The show airs here on tuesdays at 7 or 19:00 EST. It’s a great show. I’ve been watching his show for about 4 weeks now and he has the shows archived on his site. I also took the time to check the archives out, there’s quite a bit of shows in the past that focused on ubuntu (which I dig). It seems though that ubuntu is talked about quite a bit but any questions that is tech related can be asked and he will help you with them. I watch cat5 on my ubuntu laptop (either the T41 or Dell 1525). You can download the shows at MP4s and this past tuesday they introduced the audio stream which im sure you can download to you MP3 player. So who is this guy, this guy is the guy to watch if you have that hour on tuesdays. If you miss it, you can still download the show. Out of 5 stars, he and his recently added co-host gets a 4.9. I don’t give perfect scores, it gives room for improvement. There is always room for improvement.

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