How To: Network Manager 0.7 SVN

11 Sep

Before doing this, if you are using a WIFI connection, I would suggest changing to an Ethernet.
If your connection breaks, make sure you can get your network up manually. Do not attempt to do this
if having a connection is critical for you. If it’s any consolation I do run this myself but I also have a test machine to try things before adding them to my main laptop which is the dual core dell 1525. Do this at your own risk.

First, we need to add the repositories for the network manager to your system.

Locate your terminal in applications-accessories-terminal and launch it. In the terminal do the following line:

  • sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

When that comes up add the following lines at the end :

Click save and then close/quit gedit. Now do the following:

  • sudo apt-get update


  • sudo apt-get upgrade

“sudo apt-get upgrade” an updated wpa supplicant package along with the latest Network Manager package.

Then do

  • sudo update-icon-caches

Reboot your system.

“sudo update-icon-caches” ensures the applet starts properly, if the applet doesn’t show after your reboot, do the “sudo update-icon-caches” command again in the terminal and reboot again or do “Ctrl+ALT+Backspace”

All the best.

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