25 Nov

NXE is the New Xbox Experience that was released on the 19th of November. I actually downloaded it at 6.30a EST that morning before I headed out to work. The NXE is great and I really like the fact that Netflix partnered with Microsoft. That changed a lot for me because I like streaming media. I currently use ushare to stream and now the addition of streaming netflix movies through the 360 is a joy. I set up my avatar, took a picture and even installed gears of war 2 on my HDD (that took 6.7 gigs). I’m really enjoying it and its a faster interface and I’m sure it will be even easier to build and add new features to it.

What are your thoughts on NXE?


Posted by on November 25, 2008 in XBOX 360


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2 responses to “NXE

  1. anjilslaire

    December 15, 2008 at 5:51 AM

    Indeed, but I fear the hard drive installing may lead to more used game purchases, and perhaps fewer new disc sales. Of course, the used game market is mostly a ripoff, IMO. My blog has more details on my thoughts.

  2. Andrew

    December 15, 2008 at 1:47 PM

    The disc sales may go down due to the economy in the US. The used game markets has been good to me. Most of my games are used: COD4, DOA4, Gears of War and I play to get UT3 used as well. I will not pay the prices gamestop charges for used games; I will most like hit some sites online to do my shopping. People are always going to buy used games (why pay full price if you don’t have 2), as long as the game is in a playable condition someone will purchase it. Two of my friends recently purchased halo 3 used for 32.00. I couldn’t tell the difference between their copy and mine (I bought mine new). From what I understand gamestop is selling halo 3 for 49.99 or something like that. Its beyond me why someone would pay that kind of money for a used game at gamestop or any retail store for that matter. Prior to their purchasing halo 3, I told them that it was wise to wait the 5-7 days then pay the ripoff retail prices. It just makes logical sense.


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