28 Mar


I didn’t know what else to call this post but simply what I called it. Since I recently received the G1 as a gift and finally left the blackberry line for a minute I decided to venture to new territory. The G1 is a touchscreen phone with a trackball. Underneath the touch screen there is a full qwerty keyboard. Although many have complained about the pressing of the keyboard buttons aren’t deep enough, I found it to be rather refreshing. I went from a 7290 blackberry to this phone and so far its been great. As I am writing about this I am very tempted to talk about the “other” phone that many compare this phone too but I will not. I will just share my experience with this phone.

Since the G1 runs on linux and I am a linux user since April of 2008, that pretty much elimited my choices on what the next phone would be for me. I run ubuntu (pronounced oo-boon-too) on all the machines at home except for my wife’s and an old T22. And now some random thoughts:

  • Using a full touchscreen browser
  • VNC to my server away from home
  • Watch movies
  • FTP to my xbox’s XBMC
  • It is capable of using the exchanger server
  • Check who’s online via xbox live
  • See how many g’s my jab is (right arm = 2.82)
  • Facebook
  • Touchscreen texting
  • Craigslist
  • Flashlight
  • Figure out what a song is on the radio
  • Browse my PCs on the network
  • Update my netflix queue
  • Ebay
  • MP4 Download

I try not to list the common stuff. One of the things that I really appreciated is that I didn’t have to buy a new phone to update the phone capacity. The phone comes with a 1 gig sdcard and for me to update to 16, I didn’t have to go buy another phone; that’s ridiculous. The phone comes with a slip cover and you can grab a leather horizontal case from ebay for about five bucks. When it comes to the other phone and this phone, you can’t really compare the two – but if you decide to do so just know that this phone here has a lot of pluses that many overlook.

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