Spirit of Ubuntu

22 Apr

If you are still sleeping hibernating under a rock or something then you probably haven’t heard that the new ubuntu distro (Jaunty Jackalope) is releasing tomorrow. I upgraded my 8.10 T41 last night and did a dod wipe on my tower and did a clean install there. Here’s the thing though: The first cd that I burned of Jaunty to update my machines was burned under a windows machine (not my own) which didnt work. I got some memorex CDs and used my wifi server which has a burner and reburned the Jaunty Release Candidate CD under Intrepid and that worked flawlessly. Its seem tough sometimes to explain to folks how “really” good Ubuntu is. It’s just that good! I’m so glad its free because the value of open source is priceless. Microsoft would charge an arm and a leg for this distribution if they could. You can grab the release candidate here or wait till tomorrow. You can also request the official CD for free.

This time around Robbie Fergusson of is featured on the ubuntu CD. Robbie’s show is a tech based show offering free support via his live show and site. Below is the video which will be featured on the ubuntu CD:

Ubuntu is only getting better. Get a tour here.

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