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“Legacy Of Keyes” Team


We are in the process of recruiting 4 male and 8 female halo players. Our standard is to uphold the way of the Bushido in communication to one another in combat, chartrooms and abroad. Our current objective is to find players who are willing to uphold the standards of Captain Jacob Keyes and Commander Miranda Keyes. One unit equals one vision. Thank you for visiting us.

Commander, Grade 1
Legacy Of Keyes, Founder

Our virtues

The virtues listed below are the virtues that we will adhere to and live by as a team. These virtues should be applied whether you are playing with us or without us because you still represent us. The virtues are as follows:

1. Rectitude
2. Courage
3. Benevolence
4. Respect
5. Honesty
6. Honor
7. Loyalty
8. Filial Piety
9. Wisdom or Just Judgment
10. Caring for the aged

Our Site

Team qualifications

These are the are the minimum that you should possess prior to applying for the team:

* Finished the fight
* 19 years old or older
* Headset
* Skill level must be 53% of the highest skill level among our members
* Great Communicator
* Xbox Live
* Adhere strictly to our code of conduct

If you feel that you are eligible to be a Legacy Of Keyes member then register and apply at our forums with the following:

1. Gamertag
2. Gender
3. State Of Residence
4. Why “you”? (Be specific)
5. Are you online often?
6. How did you find us?
7. Weapon of choice
8. Game type of choice
9. Age
10. Highest Skill in any team type games

Reserved Units

I’m coming across a lot of individuals who would consider being reserves because they are already involved with another group. I am ok with that just as long as you do not plan to defame our name.


Testing will vary. Each individual will receive a different test. Some of the tests include but are not limited to the following:

1. Accountability
2. Defense
3. Teach-ability
4. Following instructions
5. Pressure
6. Scavenger
7. Trust

Once the test period is completed, if we are able, we will watch the film and see how you made out. From there we will assess with the results of the film.

Final words

Looking for good down to earth folks. When I say good, I’m referring to the “I’m glad you are with us, I like hanging out with you” factor. I’m not looking for prideful and puffed up folks. Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before stumbling. Looking for folks to play custom games with, a little rocket race with, some big team battle sometimes, some good territories and even some capture the flag. I xxuriahxx, will not tolerate nor condone disrespect of fellow team members. Since the goal is to have a team of men and women, I anticipate snarky remarks but will not tolerate it.

Go with Strength & Honor,

Commander, Grade 1
Legacy Of Keyes, Founder

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