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GTA Cheats

GTA cheats are fun aren’t they? They add a few more cherries on top of the game but be warned – using some of the cheats prevent you from getting certain achievements. The cheats in bold are the ones that I’ve been using on a regular which do not affect gameplay except save me some bridge tolls and some quick getaways. I used the jet max to out (eh) run the cops by way of water which is how I got the “walk free” achievement. I’ve been using the charger to get to the wanted people. I’m thinking of using the Heli to pick up Michelle to go on a date. Bottom line, use wisdom when you try these out and make sure you don’t save and mess up your achievements. I’m fully aware that I’m not the first one to post cheats for GTA, I just wanted to post them here. Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by on May 6, 2008 in Games, PS3, XBOX 360



Master Chief switches gears

At the end of halo 3 the chief tells Cortana to wake him up if she needs him. Well apparently she did. We know based on the halo trilogy that Master chief is the master of weapons both human and alien. He has proven yet again why he is the master and has awaken from his short nap to join Cole, Cloud, Spawn and even the gritty Marcus Fenix in the unreal tournament battle. Hey, I didn’t believe either but there are two many ways convince us web junkies and gaming hordes.

 It really doesn’t matter if you like him or not or whether you own or like the PS3 or not, Master chief is an icon in the FPS world. Think about it, some of us have thrown lan parties around this guy and others can’t stand the impact that he’s made in the gaming world. If you didn’t figure it out yet according to the picture, the master chief on the left is the one in the UT3 (yes, he looks that good). I had the opportunity to try this out at my neighbor’s house yesterday and boy did I get my spartan pride! I totally forgot I was playing a BS3 (although I respect the system for all the achievements thus far). Can you tell that I own a 360? Master chiefs movements are fluid and his suit is eye candy. For halo fans, if you own a PS3 I’d say this is a must – there is no doubt about it. At first I pondered if they (the PS3 owners) want chief that bad they should just get a 360 but as I thought about it some more I realized that this is a great addition to the gaming community and we should enjoy it for what it is. Way to go Mr. Modder “you done good”.

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Posted by on April 1, 2008 in Cloud, Cole, Cortana, Epic, Halo 3, Master Chief, PS3, Spawn, UT3, XBOX 360