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Opening “NAT” For WRT54G Router
Router: WRT54G Version 3
Firmware: Tomato Firmware found here.

Setup – Basic Setup

I had “static IP” which didn’t automatically configuring the IP address, mask and gateway of the provider. I was told by my provider to set this to “DHCP” so when the provider ends the lease on the current IP (whatever that is) I won’t loose my internet connection. This is very important because when the provider changes the IP address (because that particular IP lease is over) you wont be effected since you have it set to “DHCP” which automatically updates the IP coming in from the provider. By Factory default, this is on “DHCP” so do not change it.

Security – Firewall

By factory default the firewall tab has “Block Anonymous Internet Requests”, “Filter Multicast” and “Filter IDENT (Port 113) checked”. We also see “Filter Internet NAT Redirection unchecked”. Do not edit.

Application and Gaming – Port Range Forward

Here I have two entries: The first entry is start 3074 to end 3074 at both protocols for the Xbox 360 IP. The second one is start 30000 to end 30000 at both protocols for the Xlink program. Make sure you check the box at the end of each entry and make sure the IP for the box 360 is correct. Lastly the obvious, make sure you save the settings you change. For all possible ports please go here.

Application and Gaming – QoS

There are four ports here. Set the port that your 360 is connected to – to “High Priority” and leaving the “Flow Control” enabled for that port.

Please leave every other tab or settings at factory default if I didn’t mentioned them. Hope that helps. Please leave your comments and findings.

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