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Episode 51 – The Show Radio Welcomes Candice Shane (CandiceHatesYou)

Loud, abrasive and unusually nice for someone who supposedly “Hates” you. Writer, podcaster & diehard lover of games, tech and culture. Candice is not afraid to tell you how she really feels and I have a tremendous about of respect for her already! Tune in as we catch up on the news and all things Candice.

We sincerely apologize for the technical difficulties that we experienced towards the end of the podcast due to inclement weather. We do hope that you enjoy this episode. Thank you for your support.

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NXE is the New Xbox Experience that was released on the 19th of November. I actually downloaded it at 6.30a EST that morning before I headed out to work. The NXE is great and I really like the fact that Netflix partnered with Microsoft. That changed a lot for me because I like streaming media. I currently use ushare to stream and now the addition of streaming netflix movies through the 360 is a joy. I set up my avatar, took a picture and even installed gears of war 2 on my HDD (that took 6.7 gigs). I’m really enjoying it and its a faster interface and I’m sure it will be even easier to build and add new features to it.

What are your thoughts on NXE?


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Gears Of War Footage Leaked

If you are a Gears fan, than you need to see this. If you are not a Gears fan, you need to see this!!!!

Gears is not Halo, so I hope you (whoever you may be) are not carrying the mindset that “I don’t like Gears because its not Halo”. Learn how to play the game. Stop trying to be a hero and use some cover and work with your teamates, then you’ll begin to appreciate this game that some circles are calling a “platform”. The footage that you are about to see is called Horde mode. Gears will be released on November 7th and is also on my wish list if you wish to buy it for me. I know! you didn’t  like my wish list plug. It’s alright.

You need to check this out.

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king’s Scepter

So in the game castle crashers I recently found out that you can get the king’s scepter. While I was playing online with a friend of mine, I saw him with it. I kindly asked him to drop it so I can pick it up and now I have this king’s scepter; and its cool. I don’t believe it has critical hitting ability but it does have +3 in three categories while the fourth category remained neutral. I’m still looking for anyone who would kindly let me have the alien ray gun and if that’s you then drop me a note. Thanks.

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So one of my buddies works at motorola and they had this auction thing a few weeks back for the motorola headset, the x205. He told me about it and I told him that I was interested. Well, yesterday I got the headset and boy is it hot! One of the first things that I noticed was that the line fits my cellphone which is cool. I plugged it in to my controller afterwards and contacted one of my friends on xbox live. At first, he didn’t hear me because I didn’t push the line that goes to the headset all the way in. Once I did that, it was all good. A great gift and well appreciated. Thanks man.

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Are we suprised that GTA IV is number one? I don’t think anybody is.

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GTA Cheats

GTA cheats are fun aren’t they? They add a few more cherries on top of the game but be warned – using some of the cheats prevent you from getting certain achievements. The cheats in bold are the ones that I’ve been using on a regular which do not affect gameplay except save me some bridge tolls and some quick getaways. I used the jet max to out (eh) run the cops by way of water which is how I got the “walk free” achievement. I’ve been using the charger to get to the wanted people. I’m thinking of using the Heli to pick up Michelle to go on a date. Bottom line, use wisdom when you try these out and make sure you don’t save and mess up your achievements. I’m fully aware that I’m not the first one to post cheats for GTA, I just wanted to post them here. Read the rest of this entry »

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