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Amarok 1.4 Update

So I woke up this morning and I got ready to sync my Ipod to amarok and my amarok was gone. The guy that hosts the PPA for amarok 1.4 messed up and now he created a new ppa for it.

MESS UPDATE! There’s been some breakage recently because of a mess I made with an update.

The *ppa4 version should now be available. If your Amarok got uninstalled you should be able to simply re-install it. If you use apt and it gave you dependency errors, they should have gone away now.

I’ve created a separate PPA just for Amarok 1.4, I recommend you switch to that one. I might publish other things here in the future, but the new one will only contain Amarok 1.4. It will also get a bit more testing.

So based on Bogdan Butnaru’s recommendation, I switched to the new ppa and voila; I was able to reinstall amarok 1.4 with no problem. I hope you do the same.

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Amarok 2

Amarok 2 comes with the new ubuntu release and although it brings a new look to amarok it is still not quite ready. I tried to work with it but it only frustrated me so I wanted my 1.4 back.

Go to your synaptic package manager and uninstall amarok.

afterwards go to your software sources and add these lines:

Once you add those lines and do an update, go to your terminal and do a

  • sudo apt-get install amarok14
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This was definitely and unexpected gift. For my birthday, my wife got me an Ipod. She mentioned that it was some gym deal or something but when it came she gave me a little back and lo and behold; an Ipod. The size is 30 gigs and it’s a second generation black. I use handbrake to convert my vids to mp4 and its been working out really well. I also use amarok with my Ipod. My wife also uses the same amarok on my laptop because amarok can manage two ipods with the same library. Itunes? No thank you.

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