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It’s Thursday, a “just kicking it show”

Hello Everyone,

On Thursday I recorded a test show which turned out to be a great conversation. We had 3 callers:

  • HGETTI 09 – Frankie
  • I Am Osirus – Darius
  • Dee Assasin – Derwin

We discussed some of the games we were currently playing and some industry perspective. Frankie, who works for gamestop shared a few things with us coming down the pipe. Check out the show.

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When it comes to games, I personally believe that exclusive titles and content will become a thing of the past. You’ve seen it with final fantasy. Recently a character who was exclusive to the BS3 (Bogus Station) is now coming to the real system. Vader, who is feared by galaxies will hit Soul Calibur IV as a DLC for five bucks. This will be available on Thursday the 23rd of October so look for that if you have the game.

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