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It’s Thursday, a “just kicking it show”

Hello Everyone,

On Thursday I recorded a test show which turned out to be a great conversation. We had 3 callers:

  • HGETTI 09 – Frankie
  • I Am Osirus – Darius
  • Dee Assasin – Derwin

We discussed some of the games we were currently playing and some industry perspective. Frankie, who works for gamestop shared a few things with us coming down the pipe. Check out the show.

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New Halo 3: ODST VIDOC has been posted on Marketplace:

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Xbox LIVE Preview

I received an email today stating that I got accepted to preview the new xbox live update coming soon. I’m pretty excited. Here is what is coming down the pipeline:

Parties – (Available Now, US Only)

Everyone loves to Party! Check out the new and improved party reconnections and streamlined party invites.

Party Reconnections – If a user is disconnected from a party inadvertently, they will be automatically reconnected to the party without any user interaction

Streamlined Party Invites – Invites are now just a click away! Never again will you have to navigate through multiple screens to get all your friends together. Read the rest of this entry »

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Gamestop: Deal of the Day

If you do not have street fighter IV then you’re in luck. Today’s deal of they day for is as follows: Buy Street Fighter IV for Xbox 360 or PS3 for only $19.99! And you’re still reading this because?

Update: This offer expires on 8/2/2009.

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You have a girl by your side and you have a nice car, what more do you want? Outrun races in this past Wednesday and I must say that I like it a lot. You can pick it up for 800 Microsoft points. The game play is very clean and crisp; something we all come to expect from outrun titles. The music tracks that we’ve come to know and love (Splash wave, magical sound shower and passing breeze) are there and a few additional ones (Risky ride, Shiny World, Night Flight and Life was a bore). The game modes are as follows:

  • Outrun mode – the forever traditional get to your destination
  • Time Attack mode – beat the ghost car times  – get like a 4.50.00
  • Heart attack mode – meet your girl’s demands by getting as many hearts as you can.
  • Outrun mode 15 course – try to reach the goal with your girl through 15 courses.

The selection of cars that are readily available are:

  • F50
  • Enzo Ferrari
  • 360 Spider
  • F40
  • Testarossa
  • 288 GTO
  • 512 BB
  • Dino 246 GTS
  • 365 GTS/4 Daytona
  • 250 GTO

In the multiplayer mode you can play 6 player unranked outrun matches. You can also host your own and let people show up in your room. One of the achievements is to “Arrive at all goals (A-E)” and one of the quickest way (I believe) to get that is to:

  • Host an online match
  • Start your stage setting to start at A and change it after every match till you get to E (make sure you finish and do not get disqualified)

One of the things that I did notice is when you switch your camera (at times) and can be glitchy, this also happens sometimes when you crash. The game also does not have a multiplayer local mode which is usually a turn off for me but I made an exception on this one. Overall the game is great fun for most ages.

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This seems promising but who knows right? You might play it, beat it and trade it in two weeks later. But you gotta admit, this guy has some skills!!!

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So I got the Red Ring Of Death last week and my box is on the way to texas. I hope I get it back soon. It was definitely a hardware failure. I turned the system on with the HDD and without the HDD. I also unplugged it and plugged it back in.

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