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It’s Thursday, a “just kicking it show”

Hello Everyone,

On Thursday I recorded a test show which turned out to be a great conversation. We had 3 callers:

  • HGETTI 09 – Frankie
  • I Am Osirus – Darius
  • Dee Assasin – Derwin

We discussed some of the games we were currently playing and some industry perspective. Frankie, who works for gamestop shared a few things with us coming down the pipe. Check out the show.

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Xbox LIVE Preview

I received an email today stating that I got accepted to preview the new xbox live update coming soon. I’m pretty excited. Here is what is coming down the pipeline:

Parties – (Available Now, US Only)

Everyone loves to Party! Check out the new and improved party reconnections and streamlined party invites.

Party Reconnections – If a user is disconnected from a party inadvertently, they will be automatically reconnected to the party without any user interaction

Streamlined Party Invites – Invites are now just a click away! Never again will you have to navigate through multiple screens to get all your friends together. Read the rest of this entry »

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Recently the recently released street fighter available to the xbox live marketplace has resurrected my interest in the xmugen and 2D fighting overall. From what I gathered this mugen runs on a modded box and it is linux based. I remember a while back I got an xmugen Iso but I was not able to get it to work because it froze on me every time I attempted to load it. If you guys out there in the mugen world have some relevant information for me in regards to this I would greatly appreciate it. Here is a fight that I came across:

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Xbox Stats From CES 2009 Keynote

Here some of the things that was mentioned during the CES 2009 Keynote:

  • 17 million users on xbox live
  • There are more games bought on xbox than any other console
  • 25 millions units of halo titles sold
  • The average halo player plays 150 hours of halo on xbox live
  • Halo wars is the first T rated Halo game due out February 28th
  • There will be a downloadable halo wars demo February 5th
  • Halo 3 odst – fall 2009
  • downloads are up 60 % since NXE Launched
  • Xbox live’s first 5 years – 10 billion hours of online gameplay
  • 30% increase of adding friends since NXE
  • The primetime channel will be release for scheduled programming, one vs 100 will be the first live game show – spring 2009
  • 12k TV shows and movies from the netflix partnership
  • KODU game creator will help you create edit and play games and even sell them.

360 for me!!!

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When it comes to games, I personally believe that exclusive titles and content will become a thing of the past. You’ve seen it with final fantasy. Recently a character who was exclusive to the BS3 (Bogus Station) is now coming to the real system. Vader, who is feared by galaxies will hit Soul Calibur IV as a DLC for five bucks. This will be available on Thursday the 23rd of October so look for that if you have the game.

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So you think you’re tough?

Well DeAndre Cortez Way thinks he’s tough as well; so tough that he’s calling out all live players – specifically those who play gears of war, halo 3 and call of duty 4. He claims that he can beat anybody that he plays. Who is DeAndre? Most of us know him as Soulja boy. See for yourself. Please note that he uses explicit language.

His gamertag is souljaboytellem. Please be advise that his friends list is full. Say hello to Mr. Sergeant Grade 3.

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